Raichu as a Pichu is an offical Pokemon League warrior.


Hi, I am Raichu! Who are you?


As a Pichu


As a Pikachu

Name Raichu(Pikachu)
Birth 10/7/1999
Death None
Occupation Pokemon Warrior(Leader)
Moves Thunderbolt,Thunder,Slam and Volt Tackle
Current Age 16 Years Old
Sex Male


Pikachu was born in Piya village east of the Pokemon House. He used to be a gangster till after his mother died. He then became a hero always helping others.

Family and FriendsEdit

Mother- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Raichu- Brother

Tepig- Best Friend/Rival

Zweilous- Friend

Swallow- Friend

Cyndaquil- Friend

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