Cyndaquil is Tepig's younger sister and decided to become a warrior like her brother Tepig
Day 2 - what's in the box

Yum! Smells like Peaches Tepig!

Name Typlosion
Birth 12/25/2004
Occupation Pokemon Warrior
Moves Ember, Rage, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel
Death None
Current Age 9 Years Old
Sex Female


When Cyndaquil was born, she always loves her brothers and sisters but most of all she loves her brother Tepig more. She always wanted to fight like him and train like him and join Pikachu and Tepig on their quest.

Family and FriendsEdit

Tepig- Brother

Pignite- Brother

Shiny Pignite- Sister

Typlosion- Mother

Shiny Emboar- Father

Pikachu- Friend

Zeilious- Friend

Swellow- Friend

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